The Market

The Portland World Market is an international marketplace in Portland focusing on cultural diversity. Our location is adjacent to Ankeny Plaza in the old Fire Engine Museum building, neighboring the Portland Saturday Market. We are open every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas eve.

This market is dedicated to educational experiences through a marketplace atmosphere, and will provide an outlet for the sale of imported and domestic goods with a focus on sustainable goods from around the globe.

The Portland World Market is classified as non-profit C6 status.


The mission of The Portland World Market is to celebrate, preserve, support, and promote heritage and cultural diversities around the world. This market will provide educational demonstrations, entertainment and the sale of culturally diverse products.

The operation of a marketplace provides the vehicle for our mission. The Portland World Market will promote commerce with co-ops and small businesses. Our marketplace will strive to maintain a balance of sustainable products, helping to raise the standard of living of marginalized workers.

The Portland World Market defines sustainable products as those that have been purchased at a fair price. Some of the products sold have been purchased from the artists and/or workers involved in creating the items they sell. Sustainable commerce not only raises the standard of living for all families, but also offers comprehensive development and growth to domestic and international communities.

Funds Raised

A portion of the funds raised through this marketplace will help support community based cultural organizations as well as co-ops and start-up businesses in countries throughout the world.


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For more information please email us at or call 503.406.8636